How to question the police

Uploaded to Youtube on Aug 14, 2011

Police lying again they tried and failed to make me submit to their deceit just bullys. my opinion concerning this satanic organisation is based on what i have observed experienced and what i feel. The coercive techniques used against us to trick us and trap us just with the words they use is so wrong. decietful, unlawfull and basically criminal. we end up incriminating ourselves without realising.

Until i cause any harm injury or loss to another then i am innocent, free. as i am prepared to die for what i feel is right and do not fear no more with this satanic system which has indoctrinated us not educated us. until others experience this realisation then organisations like this will continue to use their mind manipulation techniques on all of us. just consider precautionary principle law of probabilities and statistical analysis and you will be closer to realising something maybe you have not realised yet just my opinion based on what i feel.

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