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Trust law uitgelegd door Karel

Karel; Ik ben de laatste dagen in TRUST law en geschiedenis gedoken en ben er nu achter hoe we door de overheid en het vaticaan opgelicht worden. Waar wij in leven is de moderne versie van de inquisitie die hun zondaars hun zonden laat afkopen. Het Vaticaan (een TRUST) en de Romeinse Staat  (een TRUST) […]

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How to question the police

Uploaded to Youtube on Aug 14, 2011 Police lying again they tried and failed to make me submit to their deceit just bullys. my opinion concerning this satanic organisation is based on what i have observed experienced and what i feel. The coercive techniques used against us to trick us and trap us just with the […]

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Know Your Rights – Stop Stopping Me – Im Not Obliged

Uploaded to Youtube on Jan 26, 2012 Perfect Example Of Standing Up For Your Rights. Learn What Your Inalienable Rights Are And Stand Up For Your Self. Policemen Committing assault. Keep your Eyes on Your Monitors For: but for the meantime come check out our Facebook page or hit us up on Twitter!/ReclaimReality ‘The Best Way […]

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About Freemen on The Land UK

Uploaded to Youtube on Oct 23, 2011 This is a response to nokiaman2002, a police constable who doesn’t comprehend the freeman position from watching videos on the internet… I have a go at explaining the freeman position and answering his questions. Obviously it is a big topic to cover in 15 minutes but I may follow […]

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Sovereign freeman in court bench Trial – Full Audio

Published on Youtube on Jun 12, 2012 REMEDY AND RECOURSE Every system of civilized law must have two characteristics: Remedy and Recourse. Remedy is a way to get out from under that law. The Recourse is if you have been damaged under the law, you can recover your loss. The Common Law, the Law of Merchants, […]

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English Freeman in court CWMBRAN priceless

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Our Right To Travel

Practical Lawful Rebellion: Travelling A very brief explanation of the nature of the deception suppressing the knowledge of our unalienable right to travel upon the highways without hindrance, let or levy in any manner we see fit using our privately owned automobiles. This excerpt is taken from a documentary called “The System”, this documentary can […]

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Police Stop Freeman Exercising His Right to Travel (3 parts)

Practical Lawful Rebellion: Travelling Police stop me while I exercise my god given right to travel upon the highways without hindrance, let or levy in any manner I see fit using my privately owned automobile See the DVLA’s admission on a Freedom of Information request that the right to travel exists: Originally Uploaded by […]

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